Assessing genetic variants

One of the projects I have been involved with is SeqNextGen, where I'm analysing exomes of patients who have a suspected rare genetic disorder. It's a change from what I was previously researching during my PhD; instead of working on an RNA level, I've reverse transcribed1 and I'm now examining DNA sequence and analysing genetic variants. There was a lot to learn to get started and I have written posts on "Getting started with analysing DNA sequencing data" and "Getting acquainted with analysing DNA sequencing data". I guess this is part three of the series where I'm "Getting serious with analysing DNA sequencing data2."

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Solving problems with graphs

I saw this question on Quora:

A teacher assigns each of her 18 students a different integer from 1 through 18. The teacher forms pairs of study partners by using the rule that the sum of the pair of numbers is a perfect square. Assuming the 9 pairs of students follow this rule, the student assigned which number must be paired with the student assigned the number 1?

A. 16
B. 15
C. 9
D. 8
E. 3

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