Interactive plots in R using plotly

I found out about plotly a couple of months ago via R-bloggers:

I finally gave it a go when a friend asked me for help making a Gantt chart and I was impressed with plotly's interactivity and ease of use. Since I use scatter plots a lot, this post will be about making interactive scatter plots in R using plotly.

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What do I use?

Almost two years ago, I found this Q&A series on Biostars that asks well-known bioinformaticians what tools they use for their work:

The questions asked were:

  1. What hardware do you use?
  2. What is your text editor?
  3. What software do you use for your work?
  4. What do you use to create plots and charts?
  5. What do you consider the best language to do bioinformatics with?
  6. What bioinformatics tools/software do not get enough recognition?

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