Animated plots using R

I learned the simple concept of animation back in school, when some of my classmates would draw stick figures on the edge of large textbooks. At first I was wondering why one would defile a textbook in such a way, but then as they flipped through the pages and brought the stick figures to life, I was in awe. Despite this, at that stage of my life, a textbook was sacred to me (they were expensive and scarce), so I would use large Post-it notes to doodle instead. I wasn't very good at drawing (even when it comes to stick figures), so I made a few animations and that was it.

This post is on creating animated plots using R. I wrote it not because I wanted to rekindle my youthful interest in stick figure animation but because I wanted to create an animated plot for an upcoming talk. I found a short post on creating animated plots using R and I follow the same idea of making multiple plots and then combining them into a GIF using ImageMagick.

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BED to GRanges

Updated 2015 April 6th to include the intersect_bed() function in the bedr package.

Last year I saw a post on Writing an R package from scratch and I always wanted to follow the tutorial. Yesterday while trying to make some plots using Gviz, I had some BED-like files (not supported by Gviz), which I wanted to convert into a GRanges object (supported by Gviz). I thought it would be easier if there was a function that could load BED-like files into GRanges objects. I couldn't find one so I thought I'll write a very primitive R package that contains this function. This post is on the creation of the BED to GRanges function and the R package that contains it.

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