Intersect in R

A colleague asked me this question: "I'm trying to find a way to find genes that overlap between three datasets. I have used intersect for two dataframes but can't seem to find a solution for three dataframes on google. Do you know any snazzy way of doing that?" I thought using the venn() function from the gplots package is a pretty snazzy solution, so that's what I recommended.

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Basic Shiny app to fetch variant information

I created a basic Shiny app that uses the myvariant package to fetch variant information from The variants need to be represented in the format recommended by the Human Genome Variation Society. Once you have your variant of interest in the correct format, just hit "Get variant info!" and the annotations will appear on the right. You can find the app hosted at:

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Interactive plots in R using plotly

I found out about plotly a couple of months ago via R-bloggers:

I finally gave it a go when a friend asked me for help making a Gantt chart and I was impressed with plotly's interactivity and ease of use. Since I use scatter plots a lot, this post will be about making interactive scatter plots in R using plotly.

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