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Univa Grid Engine

Basic tasks and their corresponding commands:

Task Command
Submit Jobs qsub, qresub, qrsh, qlogin, qsh, qmake, qtcsh
Check Job Status qstat
Modify Jobs qalter, qhold, qrls
Delete Jobs qdel
Check Job Accounting After Job End qacct
Display Cluster State qstat, qhost, qselect, qquota
Display Cluster Configuration qconf

Example jobs should be in /home/uge/examples/jobs

Check out all jobs:

qhost -q -j

Show the managers:

qconf -sm

Who has permission on a specific machine:

qconf -su machine_name

Display all user lists:

qconf -sul

Use current directory, submit to specific host and specific queue (the option to specify the requested resources is always "-l <resource>=<value>"):

qsub -cwd -l h=machine_name,q=bigmem.q

Submit job with 950 gb memory limit to avoid freezing cluster

qsub -cwd -l h=machine_name,h_vmem=950g