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As of tidyverse 1.2.0, the following packages are included in the core tidyverse:

  • ggplot2
  • dplyr
  • tidyr
  • readr
  • purrr
  • tibble
  • stringr
  • forcats



  • dplyr can work with other data frame "backends" such as SQL databases; there is an SQL interface for relational databases via the DBI package
  • dplyr can be integrated with the data.table package for large fast tables

Useful tidbits:


The goal of tidyr is to help you create tidy data. Tidy data is data where:

  1. Each variable is in a column.
  2. Each observation is a row.
  3. Each value is a cell.

The principles of tidy data provide a standard way to organise data values within a dataset.