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java -jar snpEff.jar databases | grep "Homo_sapiens"
GRCh37.70                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh37.71                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh37.72                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh37.73                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh37.74                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh37.75                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh37.GTEX                                                     Homo_sapiens, Gencode 12, GTEX project                                                                
GRCh38                                                          Homo_sapiens                                                                    ENSEMBL_BFMPP_26_104  
GRCh38.76                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh38.77                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh38.78                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh38.79                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
GRCh38.81                                                       Homo_sapiens                                                                                          
hg19                                                            Homo_sapiens (USCS)                                                                                   
hg19kg                                                          Homo_sapiens (UCSC KnownGenes)                                                                        
hg38                                                            Homo_sapiens (USCS)                                                                                   
hg38kg                                                          Homo_sapiens (UCSC KnownGenes)                                                                        
testHg19ChrM                                                    Homo_sapiens (UCSC)                                                                                   
java -jar snpEff.jar download hg19