Histone modification

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Summary of ENCODE histone modifications and variants -> http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v489/n7414/fig_tab/nature11247_T2.html

In LaTeX

Histone modification or variant & Signal characteristics & Putative functions                                                                                                                    \\
H2A.Z                           & Peak                   & Histone protein variant (H2A.Z) associated with regulatory elements with dynamic chromatin                                            \\
H3K4me1                         & Peak/region            & Mark of regulatory elements associated with enhancers and other distal elements, but also enriched downstream of transcription starts \\
H3K4me2                         & Peak                   & Mark of regulatory elements associated with promoters and enhancers                                                                   \\
H3K4me3                         & Peak                  & Mark of regulatory elements primarily associated with promoters/transcription starts                                                  \\
H3K9ac                          & Peak                   & Mark of active regulatory elements with preference for promoters                                                                      \\
H3K9me1                         & Region                 & Preference for the 5′ end of genes                                                                                                    \\
H3K9me3                         & Peak/region            & Repressive mark associated with constitutive heterochromatin and repetitive elements                                                  \\
H3K27ac                         & Peak                   & Mark of active regulatory elements; may distinguish active enhancers and promoters from their inactive counterparts                   \\
H3K27me3                        & Region                 & Repressive mark established by polycomb complex activity associated with repressive domains and silent developmental genes            \\
H3K36me3                        & Region                 & Elongation mark associated with transcribed portions of genes, with preference for 3′ regions after intron 1                          \\
H3K79me2                        & Region                 & Transcription-associated mark, with preference for 5′ end of genes                                                                    \\
H4K20me1                        & Region                 & Preference for 5′ end of genes