Making precision medicine knowledge available for everyone

I was recently contacted by the Stanford Deep Data Research Center at Stanford School of Medicine where they are working on "pioneering a transformative approach to precision medicine research and education."

The center is led by Amir Bahmani who has made it his mission to make it possible for anyone to learn about bioinformatics and precision medicine.

They shared some highlights of their work:

In less than six years, we have created two cutting-edge tools that have been widely adopted by students and researchers at top institutions, including Stanford, UCLA, and University of Pennsylvania:

  1. Stanford Data Ocean is a Precision Medicine education platform that offers Stanford Genetics certificate trainings in Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for students of all academic backgrounds.

    • We waive the full tuition for anyone making less than $70K annually. Apply for a scholarship by submitting a form.
  2. MyPHD (Personal Health Dashboard) is the pioneer specializing in wearable data collection, storage, and real-time analysis, supporting over over 20 medical research teams globally. Research findings from MyPHD have been published in top journals like Nature Medicine and Nature Biomedical Engineering.

If you're interested or know anyone that may be interested in learning about bioinformatics and precision medicine, especially if you or they are from an underprivileged background, this looks like a great opportunity!

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