Less blogging, more GitHub repositories

Another two months have gone by without any new blog posts; I've just been occupied with various other tasks:

However, I have been using my GitHub account more often.

I have recreated one of my most popular pages on my website: my SAMtools page is now replicated in my learning_bam_file repository.

I have created a similar repository for learning about VCF files called learning_vcf_file.

I have been learning about Docker and created a repository appropriately called learning_docker.

I decided to delve more into the Random Forest algorithm and created a repository called learning_random_forest.

That's what I have been up to and hopefully I will write a proper blog post soonish.

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  1. GitHub is a great complement to blogging. Lots to learn from colleagues, look up starred repos, and all practical. Interesting repos from you already there, happy githubbing!

    1. I had intended to migrate my entire blog to a GitHub page but never got around to it (and I probably won’t).

      I see that you’re quite active on GitHub and you have some useful repos. Thanks for sharing.

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