5th anniversary

I started this blog on the 1st of October in 2010 and last year I decided to write an anniversary post to recap four years of blogging. I had decided to write another anniversary post this year, however, I am a day late; this is not without good reason! I have, as of the 28th of September 2015, successfully defended my thesis and obtained my doctorate! Since I was busy celebrating, this post was delayed. Here's a photo of me with my two paranymphs inside the Aula:

IMG_0632Eagerly awaiting my degree from the Rector.

Here's what the Aula looks like:

aulaIt was a bit grand.

The number one question I received from friends and colleagues after getting my degree, was what does it feel like to have finally obtained my degree. Do I feel more smug now that I can fill out a form with the Dr. prefix? Definitely not. I guess I have a sense of contentment because I have something to show for years of hard work. I won't bore you with my life story, but I can say with my deepest convictions that it has been a difficult but incredible journey (one intertwined with a dysfunctional family, a civil war, social and racial prejudice, and heartbreaks). I was going to quote Nietzsche to end the post, but that seemed a bit solemn, especially on this joyous occasion. I'll end with something more positive, which is that I will continue to be the best scientist that I can be. I will continue learning and sharing through my website and blog.

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  1. Many congratulations Dave !! Your blog has been both a great learning resource as well as an inspiration to me and I’m sure many other PhD students. Best wishes to you.

  2. Hey, Dave! Congratulations! You certainly deserve that ‘Dr.’ tag and more… Please continue blogging 🙂

  3. Well Dr Tang, I believe ‘Welcome’ would be the most appropriate…to a world where it’s you, your ideas and no one else to blame. …keep blogging and inspiring…also..it may get tougher but its vital you stay curious and confused. All the best!
    Vainav Patel

  4. What a wonderful blog post. Congratulations, and keep sharing.

    I find much overlap with my work here anf it’s very useful. Considering making something myself.

    Regards, Tim

  5. Hey,
    I’ve recently started coding and quickly found out this blog and it helped me a lot with homework assignments. Congratulations on your achievements and keep up this nice, informative blog. Wishing you loads of successes in your professional and personal life!

  6. Congratulations Dr. Dave and happy anniversaries. Your muse website is a great way of teaching and transferring the love for bioinformatics.

  7. Congratulations for your Thesis defense…I had been a little concerned about the changes in your blog’s title, but after reading this post I can understand that change correctly.


    1. Thanks! Perhaps I should consider changing the name; it does seem a bit negative (and you’re not the first to remark on it).

  8. Congratulations, a big achievement. Even as a dinosaur in coding Perl, Python, R and the occasional C/Pascal/Fortran I find myself returning to your blog for pure pleasure of reading your clear comments on coding.

    Good luck and I wish you a splendid journey in science.

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