Silly mnemonics

Back in first year genetics (i.e. genetics 101), our tutor was telling us of a way to remember pyrimidines and purines. She said, pyrimidines reminded her of the pyramids and therefore Cleopatra and Tutankhamun and therefore Cytosines and Thymines. We laughed, but to this day that's how I remember pyrimidines.

Another thing I keep forgetting are histone modifications. So in the spirit of my tutor, I came up with ACL (since I play a lot of basketball and a torn ACL is a very common basketball injury) which stands for ACetylation of Lysine residues of histone proteins. If you have a torn ACL it severely weakens your ability to play basketball, so I associated it with the weakened association of DNA with histones.

Quite silly but at least now I will remember it.


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