I’ve joined Twitter

Today while reading a paper, I found some interesting one-liner facts. They are way too short to create a post on but I would like to make a repository of them. What better place to store these facts than Twitter!

You can follow me on Twitter for a list of facts on molecular biology and on bioinformatics that I didn't know or have forgotten about over the years.

Update 7th April 2013

I've been using Twitter for almost a year now and have found better use of it then what I had originally planned. I've learned of interesting papers, software and entertaining bits and pieces from the people I follow. I've started to play around with the R TwitteR package and started to read a book on Twitter, called The Tao of Twitter. It's quite business orientated but I'm enjoying the read.

The main concept of the book is describing the Tao, which refers to these three concepts:

  1. Targeted connections
  2. Meaningful content
  3. Authentic helpfulness

where by you can get the most out of Twitter if you network with the right people, share information that is useful to others and are generally perceived as being genuine when it comes to helping others.

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